Our Story

  • PhotoBall Today 2017-present
    PhotoBall begins selling high-quality, custom-printed sports balls, using the BallStars patented print method, direct to consumers through PhotoBall.com.
  • Star Innovations II, LLC 2015
    Investors from NYC, LA, and Silicon Valley acquire the intellectual property for BallStars, forming Star Innovations II, LLC, the parent company of PhotoBall, BallStars, and LogoStars.
  • EU Adopts Patent 2012
    BallStars patent issued in all 27 European Union countries.
  • Canadian Patent Issued 2011
    BallStars Canadian patent issued.
  • First French Licensee 2011
    First French licensee buys two BallStars systems.
  • Japanese Patent Award 2009
    BallStars awarded a Japanese patent for its heat transfer process.
  • The Qualex Purchase 2007
    Qualex, Kodak's retail arm, buys two BallStars systems.
  • Australia Joins the Team 2006
    Second international licensee joins from Australia.
  • Patent #D505, 972S 2005
    BallStars is issued Design Patent #D505, 972S on the photo ball heat press on June 7, 2005.
  • UK Joins the Team 2002
    First international licensee joins from the UK.
  • Our Big Move 2001
    An entrepreneur acquires a two-thirds majority stake of BallStars and moves company to New Century, KS.
  • First Sale 2000
    BallStars sells its first heat transfer system.
  • Company Formation 1999
    BallStars is formed and secures the domain names: www.ballstars.com www.starinnovations.com www.photoball.com.
  • Heat Transfer System 1998
    Our heat transfer system is developed and patented in the U.S.. U.S. Patent #5,832,819 is granted on November 10.
  • Can it be done? 1996
    Rawlings Sporting Goods approaches inventor Marshall Widman about developing a method of printing a photo on a baseball.