The Science of Balls

Our technology for transferring an image onto an object with curved surfaces is globally patented.

It was such a unique and scalable process that at first, we sold the printing machines to over 500 licensees worldwide. That was back before the Internet was something you could access without a five-minute wait; well before e-commerce was anything more than a crazy programmer's dream. Back then, it actually made sense from a distribution standpoint to sell the process, not the product.


Oh, how the times have changed! Now, we've got the whole thing down to a science. It's not just higher quality products, easier creation, and faster turnaround, but it's also more efficient (that means you pay less), too.

Now, you can shop and create it at all right here. Just upload your own images, select your ball, and fall in love with your creation. Then, one of our licensed partners will print and ship to you on the same day. It's that easy.