Nicole Gresham Perry • CEO, Founder

You can either find Nicole on a plane forging global customer and supplier relationships or at PhotoBall headquarters working with her sleeves rolled up. With her laser-like, energetic focus, she assures that we deliver creative solutions for our customers.

A Rice University graduate and seasoned Wall Street exec and investor at JP Morgan, Brown Brothers Harriman, Price Waterhouse, and Carpere Group, Nicole had been searching for years for a great brand to purchase and grow. It was an unexpected, yet serendipitous curve ball when this KC native stumbled upon BallStars as a customer while visiting family in the Midwest.

Since her passion is to empower young girls and women through financial inclusion, she serves on the Board of Directors of Women’s World Banking and has toured the world to fully understand the needs of female entrepreneurs in the developing world. She also is the National Chair of the Phillips Exeter Academy Parent’s Committee and on the Board of Komen NYC. She may be on the New York Minute, but she’ll always have the heart and work ethic of the Midwest.

Inger Dewey Golob • Co-Owner

Equipped with Harvard undergrad and Columbia MBA degrees, Inger launched a bi-coastal career investing in media, retail and consumer product companies. She manages Arbor Capital and honed her skills at Chase, Schroeder Wertheim and Wells Capital.

Looking for that perfect opportunity to combine her sports passion and business acumen, Inger teamed up with Nicole, a close friend from their early days on Wall Street, to acquire Star Innovations (PhotoBall parent company). Grounded in her East Coast roots and currently working on the West Coast in Menlo Park, she makes sure PhotoBall stays attuned to its chief customer needs and apprised of the latest technological enhancements to their experience.

Grateful for her own educational and professional experiences, Inger serves on the Board of Directors of Women’s World Banking to advance opportunities for women in the developing world. Locally, she volunteers with youth sports programs as a coach and with the Common Ground Speaker Series, a parent education collaborative of 10,000 families in the Bay Area. Inger carries a belief that we all bounce higher through teamwork and staying focused on the goal at hand.

Susan Enright • Chief of Staff

Every company needs an engine. That special leader who keeps everything going, acting as a well-oiled machine. At PhotoBall, that would be Susan! She's an inspirational manager whose can-do attitude and friendly, warm smiles breathe life into the office. She perfectly reflects what this company stands for and how we intend to look doing it. She may have a passion for antiquing on the weekends, but she keeps us thinking forward during the work week.

Beatriz Diaz • Operations Supervisor

Beatriz pretty much does it all as a bilingual team player. With her enthusiastic and friendly personality, not only does she supervise our 25,000 square foot warehouse and printing facility, but she's also a crack graphic designer! She helps Susan through the entire PhotoBall experience -- from friendly customer service through efficient shipping. With a smile on her face, Beatriz will always be a key component of our Team!

Johnson County Community College.

Joe Dan Rogers • PB Scout Captain

Joe Dan is a former Oklahoma University football player who started his career as a scout for the Atlanta Falcons. A philosophy major, he brings an immense amount of vibrancy and energy to the office every day. There really isn't anyone quite like him. Joe Dan is excited to bring his expertise in the world of football together with his passion for creating great products at PhotoBall!

Carol Bravo • Business Development

Carol is a businesswoman in the making, learning from the best at PhotoBall. Majoring in Finance and International Business at Kansas State University, Carol can be found analyzing the company’s financials or working her magic at tradeshows. With the ability of speaking two languages, Carol maintains an ongoing communication with our Spanish-speaking employees. When she’s not busy with work, Carol enjoys watching documentaries and exploring different foods. With her great curiosity and vision, she hopes to increase PhotoBall's success!

Kansas State University.

Henry LaNear • Business Development

Coming to PhotoBall with a passion for sports management (his major), Henry is a part of our business development team. Whether he's working on models and forecasts or administrating our social media accounts, Henry brings a can-do attitude to work everyday. His hobbies include exercising, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. Fun fact: Nicole, our CEO, always introduces Henry as the Kansas City Star Student-Athlete of the Year.

Rice University.

Bliss Perry • Business Development

Bliss brings to the PhotoBall team his strong background in photography, design, and problem solving. A veritable sharp shooter, you'll often find him in the photo room, finding the optimal lighting for product photography, or on his computer touching up the artwork and images with his graphic eye for detail. Outside of the workplace, Bliss loves to teach himself various languages, browse history articles on Wikipedia, or sample the world's palate of exotic cuisines in his native Manhattan's micro-enclaves.

Harvard College.

Joonho Jo • Content Designer

A Korean native, New Jersey child, and New Hampshire teen, Joonho comes to the uncharted land of Kansas to explore his fascination for business, media design, and sports. When he is not laying out the Executive Summary, tinkering with the website, or making the Company playlist, he enjoys performing and singing with the cello and guitar, playing basketball, and writing creative nonfiction.

Princeton University.

Nihar Sheth • Business Innovation

Nihar combines his interests in business and technology at PhotoBall. A tech expert, he coordinates EDI, e-commerce, and basically all of our IT needs. Not only is he a Coca-Cola Scholar, but he is also a published author on Seeking Alpha and the Motley Fool. Outside of work, Nihar enjoys playing basketball with his friends and exploring his hometown of Boston.

University of Southern California.

Hunter Roberts • Producer

If you want to know the ins and outs of the print room, meet Hunter Roberts, PhotoBall's in-house baseball superstar. A Kansas native, Hunter brings out the best in his coworkers with a team-oriented attitude. While he spends much of his time printing our customer's designs, he also dabbles in Photoshop and handiwork. After work hours, Hunter heads to the baseball field to hit some out of the park -- just like he does at PhotoBall.

Baker University.

Devin Stegner • Producer

An Eagle Scout, Devin knows how to do practically everything around the workplace from carpeting, tiling, and painting to designing logos from scratch. In his hometown, Princeton, KS, he serves as a "head cook" at Brand-in-Iron — an attribute that may have helped him claim Prom King at Central Heights. Though his office seat does not resemble a throne, Devin brings his leadership into all that he does at PhotoBall. 

Neosho County Community College


Alicia Romero-Depedraza • QC

Alicia is one of the newest members of the PhotoBall team. She was hired from a staffing agency to help out during a busy production period but we liked her so much we decided to bring her on permanently! She now runs a team of women who prepare each ball before they go through the PhotoBall printing process.

Sam Stegner • Producer

Sam has always been a fast-pitcher. As a once spotlighted pitcher on the Central Heights varsity softball team, Sam brings her speed and efficiency into the workplace. Deemed one of PhotoBall's fastest printers and graphic designers, Sam carries the load during weeks of bulk orders and is an indispensable member to the print room team. After work, Sam serves as a student/coach for Bethany's varsity softball team, where she leads the same way she does in the office. 

Bethany College


Alex Aguilar • Warehouse

Star defender on Olathe North’s varsity soccer team, Alex Aguilar protects not only the goal but also PhotoBall’s high quality printing process. Alex does nearly everything at PhotoBall, from printing pictures to manning the warehouse. Outside of work, Alex enjoys going out to the soccer field to practice his skills, where he is as quick as he is in the office.

Andre Jones • Warehouse

When PhotoBall needs a do-it-all technician, we look no further than Andre Jones. Although during work hours, Andre handles the forklift, loads and unloads boxes of products, and refurbishes the office area, he leaves work as a Motorcross racer, competing in races such as Midwest Motorcross Championship. Above all, Andre works and lives for his 3-month old son, Ryan, and his unending goal to keep everyone smiling.